Sustainable marine plastic recovery 

Collect recovered plastic from fishermen


local unemployed and disadvantaged women to process and sell

so that

we can run plastic waste prevention and awareness initiatives to reduce plastic leakage

Pillars of plastic waste solutions

  • Decrease use of plastic either by replacing or reducing use of plastics of all types. (particularly single use)

  • Improvements to solid waste management infrastructure and changes in behaviour to prevent plastic leakage

  • Support the development of a circular plastics economy

  • New plastics technology either to degrade plastic more quickly or to create truly biodegradable versions.

  • Sensible and targeted cleanup efforts. Currently limited scope for solutions to remove significant volumes of plastic from the ocean economically

“Mitigating microplastic pollution in the global ocean requires two major components: (1) drastically reducing emissions of plastic pollution in the coming years and (2) actively engaging in removal operations of plastic waste from the marine environment to reduce further generation of secondary microplastics.


Matthew Bouloux

Digital consultant who has worked across industry and the world to deliver projects with meaningful impact.  Passionate environmentalist with interest in how intelligent technology and new business models can solve some of the worlds big problems

Rajesh Krishna


International Broadcast Journalist worked with Indian and international media including BBC. Member Lok Kerala sabha, which is a Govt body for Non Resident Keralites. Passionate environmentalist and travel enthusiast.

Ratheena Sharshad

In country lead
Background in production in the entertainment industry. Local of Kochi, Kerala and passionate about cleaning up her home state.

“Without proper handling and management of accumulated plastic waste, the legacy of the last 70 years of throw-away society will live on through the generation of ever smaller synthetic polymer fragments in soils, freshwater ecosystems and eventually the ocean.”

Ocean Cleanup Foundation






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We are always looking for partner organisations interested in buying our recovered plastics, purchase credits or to collaborate on new initiatives


I am a person

If you are a passionate individual and would like to volunteer your skills to our project or purchase your own offsets then please get in touch!